Ask and Ye Shall Receive … Information, That Is

You think you know about your brand.  But do you?  Really?  When was the last time you did a brand perception survey among your target customers?  A year?  Two years?  Never?  Shame on you.

A brand perception survey can help you quickly:

  • Validate assumptions about current brand awareness
  • Get feedback from select customer groups on new positioning

An on-line survey is usually the best, most cost-effective way to go, and the following are some tips to define your survey:

  • Use a blind survey, so as not to bias respondents
  • Ask questions concerning overall brand awareness, both aided-recall and unaided-recall, of your company and your competitors.  Include questions such as:  Which brands have you heard of? and Have you heard of the following brands …
  • For the brands of which respondents are aware, follow up with aided-recall and unaided-recall of the products/services each brand offers.
  • For the brands of which the respondents are aware, ask if the respondents’ awareness is favorable or unfavorable and why.

To evaluate your new positioning, expose participants to some statements about your intended positioning, and then ask:

  • How appealing are the statements
  • How would the statements fit your brand and some of your competitors’ brands of which the respondents are aware
  • How likely would the statements be to impact the respondents’ purchase decisions

Be sure to include some demographic questions about the respondents’ business types to see how your new positioning is perceived across various market segments.

Finally, be sure to keep the survey to 10 minutes or less.

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