Advertising Gets Real

New Yorker Target AdWith the preponderance of reality TV shows has come a spate of "reality" ads.  Unilever, Taget, and even Anheuser-Busch, long a spend thrift on TV advertising have all recently embraced ads that feature "real" people instead of Hollywood spokes-models or feature film-quality special effects.

These firms are playing on a pervasive trend:  whether the medium is TV shows (witness "The Apprentice" or "American Idol") or reality movies (like such "winners" as "The Real Cancun" or "Games People Play"), audiences are tired of being deluged with over-hyped messagesand prefer things that are "real."

For example,

  • Unilever adopted an outdoor advertising campaign featuring scantily clad normal-sized women with the headline "New Dove Firming.  As Tested on Real Curves."
  • Target commissioned various pieces of orginal artwork that included its "bull’s eye" logo and ran them as ads in the New Yorker
  • Citigroup’s "Live Richly" campaign touts headlines like "Be the first in and the last to leave. Home."

What does this mean for you?  Perhaps you should think about getting real with your next advertising campaign .  After all, these days audiences seem to be saying, "The more ‘real’ it is, the more I will pay attention to it."

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