Advertisers Struggle to Outwit TiVo

NextMediumThe skyrocketing number of Americans who zip past commercials while watching shows on their personal video recorders has Madison Avenue quaking in its boots.  However, in the continuing battle to capture eyeballs, advertisers have a new weapon:  brand integration – seamlessly stitching products into story lines.

An emerging giant in this new skirmish between advertisers and consumers in NextMedium, the creators of Embed, an on-line marketplace for brands and the entertainment companies that want to integrate them.  With Embed, networks and other media outlets post their brand integration availabilities – for example a prime placement of a computer in a long office scene – and buyers can make an offer.

While at present Embed allows advertisers to target an increasingly harder to reach audience, only time will tell if viewers will simply grow numb to these these sophisticated product placements.

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