A Plan for 2006

If your business is like most, not much is happening in this week between Christams and New Years.  The temptation is perhaps to partake in a "liquid lunch" and blow out of the office early.  Rather, you might think about using this week to empty your In Box and think about your priorities for 2006.  As 2005 draws to a close, it is time to think about what you are going to do in the year ahead — it is time to do a little planning.

Marketing plans should be at the core of every business. They impact competitive positioning, messaging, valuation, and propsect/client perceptions.  Every company needs a marketing plan, but few marketing exectuives can readily spout off the contents of one.  To aid you in your year-end planning and speed you on the way out of the office to enjoy your New Years celebrations, the following is a non-ehaustive list of waht you may want to consider in your 2006 planning

  • Tradeshows, expos, and conferences:  Exhibits, sponsorships, give-aways
  • Web advertising:  Email newsletters, paid placement advertising
  • Lead generation:  Direct mail, direct email, eNewsletter sponsorship, "landing page" design
  • Print advertising: Ad messaging and design, industry trade journal ad placement, business publication ad placement
  • Press and analyst relations:  Interviews, “expert” profile maintenance, analyst and investor presentations, speaking and writing opportunity sourcing and management, press events, press releases, analyst tours
  • Sales tool development and revision:  Brochures, data sheets, case studies, presentations, annual report copy and photgraphy, consistency of message across all external communications
  • Website:  Plan for new content and/or re-design

In addition to these elements, a well-designed marketing plan provides a timeline of tactical objectives, coordinated with other internal and external events.

Good luck with your planning and Happy New Year.

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