Google Wants to Date You

In what will probably be only one of the opening salvos in the war for people’s desktops, Google today launched Google Calendar. Along with its Google Desktop Search and Gmail, Google is exceedingly going head-to-head with Microsoft. This battle will not only impact the future of computing and be interesting for the techno-geeks among us, but also provide some marketing lessons.

Adidas Shoots for Two with NBA Deal

As a synergy of last year’s acquisition of Reebok, Adidas recently inked an 11-year deal with the National Basketball Association to be the official uniform provider for the league. Despite this deal, the Athletic shoe and apparel maker faces fierce competition from Nike, the leader in athletic footwear in the U.S., which uses prominent NBA players like LeBron James as well as golfer Tiger Woods in its advertising. So, are marketing sponsorships like this really all they’re cracked up to be?