Jeeves Asks for Retirement

After long a distinguished service, Jeeves the butler has finally retired and the search site formerly known as AskJeeves has been reborn as The new site de-emphasizes the old question-oriented search and sports a new, clean look that rivals the vaunted Google in ease of use and relevance of results.

Sell the Offer, Not the Product

Punchy, effective copy that sells an offer, rather than your product, is the key to an effective lead generation campaign. To boost your lead gen effectiveness, ensure that your lead gen campaign entices your audience with a relevant offer, rather than lists the features or benefits of your product.

Credit VISA with a New Logo

Visa has recently updated the famous blue, white, and gold Visa logo to give it a new look. According to the company, the new Visa logo “represents the growing number of choices offered by Visa payment products and services.” Whether this is true or not, the update is a step forward for the sometimes slow-moving credit card company.

The “Secret” of Marketing: Know Your Audience

Even the famous Warren Buffet can learn marketing techniques. And from the most unusual sources. Having recently agreed to be featured in an animated TV show intended to educate kids about money, he learned from a group of fifth graders that one way to get kids’ attention was to talk about something “secret.” The title of his new show? The Secret Millionaire’s Club.

Branding in the Age of the Web

Today, branding is everything. Brands are not simply products or services. Brands are the sum of all the characteristics, tangible and intangible, that make a company, product, or service unique. A brand is an expression of the values of, and beliefs about, a company, product, or service. It is much more than a name or a logo: it is a way of doing business, a reputation, and an identity – it is the reason why people evangelize a company, product, or service.

Podcasting … The Democratization of Broadcasting

Business 2.0 calls podcasting the “democratization of broadcasting” because essentially anyone with a computer and a microphone can be an Internet radio talk show host and build an worldwide audience. Even the staunchly traditional BBC has started podcasting the series “In Our Time.” But what does this mean for us marketers? Podcasting, while avant garde and cool, is not for everyone.