PR Rules in the Web Age

We have all heard that the Web changes everything. PR is no exception. In the days of hardcopy publishing, marketers wrote news releases only for the media and only when “big news” was happening. In the Web age, news releases are no longer just for media: they are another tool in your marketing tool box.

Advertisers Bank on Oscar

“And the award for best picture goes to …” If history is any guide, there will be approximately 40 million people watching as some starlet reads those words at the upcoming Academy Award ceremony. And advertisers like blue-chip marketers McDonald’s, Cca-Cola, and AT&T are banking on it.

Google Turns the Page

In what seems like a never-ending stream of new features and programs, search engine leader Google has just launched another revolutionary service, Google Page Creator, an on-line tool that lets non-techies easily create their own Web pages in a browser and publish them with one click. While this new product will not supplant Macromedia (now Adobe) Dreamweaver for Web professionals, it will make Web publishing much easier for the masses.

Flash Sucks

A recent survey of Web users confirms the popular thesis: Flash sucks. Consumer responses reinforce the fact that if you have to offer a “Skip Intro” button, you should re-think your site design.

Valentine’s Day Marketing

Another February 14 and another “holiday” manufactured by Hallmark just for the purposes of separating you from your money. Candy, flowers, gold jewelry. These are the things that the media (marketers, that means “us”) tell us that we need to purchase to help us profess our undying love for our sweeties.

Success with Google AdWords

Everyone is funneling a portion of their marketing budget into on-line advertising, and the most popular recipient of these funds is Google AdWords. But before plunging ahead with your new paid search campaign, take heed. There are a few simple techniques that will maximize your ROI.

Resourceful by Nature

In a bid to capitalize on both the green movement and the rise in energy prices, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) recently changed its tagline from “Supermarket to the World” to “Resourceful by Nature.” With this change, ADM expands its brand from that of solely a food provider (“supermarket”) to a provider of resources of all kinds.