Get Close to Your Customer

All customers – whether they are end-user consumers or enterprises – respond to messages that indicate that a product or service fits their needs – for example, solving a specific problem, advancing their lifestyle or improving a business situation. By uncovering these customer “hot buttons” and crafting marketing initiatives based on them, marketing executives can dramatically boost marketing effectiveness.

Numbers Rule

Now more than ever, numbers rule. Marketers are being pressured to deliver hard data on how their efforts increased the company’s bottom line. As such, measuring effectiveness of efforts and steering marketing initiatives towards tangible results were at the top of marketing executives’ lists, according to a recent IDC survey.

Jumpstart Your Web Marketing in 2006

Now that you have gotten over your hangover from New Year’s Eve, start 2006 off by making some resolutions about your Web marketing. If your company is like most, your Web site is out of shape, your Web marketing lacks direction, and your search engine ranking could be better. The following ideas will help you jumpstart your Web marketing in 2006.