A Plan for 2006

Every company needs a marketing plan, but few marketing exectuives can readily spout off the contents of one. To aid you in your year-end planning and speed you on the way out of the office to enjoy your New Years celebrations, the following is a non-ehaustive list of waht you may want to consider in your 2006 planning.

Keys to Direct Mail/EMail Success

Despite the profusion of interest in search engine optimization, email newsletter sponsorships, and other new ways to get in fornt of your prospects, direct mail/email is still where it’s at. Direct mail/email sales letters let you get your message in front of a highly targeted audience at a reasonable cost.

Advertising Gets Real

With the preponderance of reality TV shows has come a spate of “reality” ads. Unilever, Taget, and even Anheiser-Busch, long a spend thrift on TV advertising have all recently embraced ads that feature “real” people instead of Hollywood spokes-models or feature film-quality special effects.

Whitehouse Marketing

With all sorts of public relations fiascos lately, the White House certainly needs to embrace some simple corporate marketing techniques: codify your messaging, define your messaging in words that your mother can understand, and communicate your messaging consistently through all communications channels.